we are happy to share with you the first part of our summer plans! Indeed we are happy to invite you events that we attend all over Europe as well to our events that we organise in Paris this summer!

We are very exited to play at Nomad Chai Bar in Berlin, organise an event with Hadra in Paris, play at forest Open-Air in Strasbourg, Nowhere Burning Event in Spain, S.U.N. Festival in Hungary, relax and chill at European Rainbow gathering in Romania, visit HADRA Festival Grenoble and play at PSY-FI Festival in Netherlands.

Summer Tour

24/05/2014 Nomad’s – Berlin, Germany link
06/06/2014 LLC + HADRA ∆ CHILL = LIVE LOVE CREATE 5, Paris, France link
21/06/2014 Goa Open Air – Strasbourg, France link
28/06/2014 Les Spheres – Paris, France
(TBC) 29/06/2014 Secret – Paris
06/07/2014 NOWHERE, Spain
25/07/2014 S.U.N. Festival, Hungary link
28/07/2014 EUROPEAN RAINBOW, Romania
(TBC) 15/08/2014 TRIBAL BASS EVENT, Paris, France
(TBC as a visitor / journalist for PSYBIENT.ORG) 22/08/2014 HADRA, France
29/08/2014 Psy-Fi Fesival, Holland link
(TBC) 6/9/2014 WORLD FUSION BASS EVENT, Paris, France

We are pretty sure some more events will be added, so you can see updated list of our next events here

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