happy to invite you to a unique event that is organised in Kiev by my friends from AnyKey Music. This time we will gather in a tea house Чагуан and spend a whole night on the two floor with both deep dance and chill music. It is my first event in this format “tea music movies” and i am really looking forward to it. I play around midnight and then will have to catch a early morning plane to a Paris HQ. Come early 🙂

FB event =>

Dubmasta [SKP Records]
Gagarin Project (Altar /
Евгений Голиков (live acoustic)
n.Ki [AnyKey Music] dj set
Mirra [AnyKey Music] dj set
Gaydar [AnyKey Music] dj set
Tima Kalashnikov dj set


Привет Киев, Привет Друзья !
очень рад возможности встретиться и совместно погрузиться в музыко – чайную атмосферу !
Приходите пораньше, так как к сожалению на всю ночь остаться не получиться )