we will be running best of the year poll as we did last year already, we want to start it around 10th january and to keep it open more less 1-2 months (if not enough votes will be made, it can be extended)

1) it will be similar as we did last year, a google docs form with questions and options to answer

2) if you have idea how to make it better please propose !

Read questions / categories from last year and let us know which one you don’t like to answer and which would you like to add to make it more interesting

here is last year poll =>

3) we are looking for 10-20 volunteers that will be able to help us with a communication around this poll, each volunteer will receive a list of artist to contact to notify them that we are running a poll and his release is in the “competition”. Get in touch with me via email ‘c ont act @’ (without spaces).

i understand that some artist will ask VOTE for me,
a) but it will happen anyway (some artist will do this) so at least all artists will be in same conditions of being aware

B) it is easy to “spot” (to notice) those “fake” posts because people don’t take time to answer well questions, and just put same artist in answers.

I am open for suggestions and you can send them via