We are happy to play at our first open air event in 2014 🙂 Join us in Forest near Kiev on Friday-Saturday 9-10 may. Check the full lineup below, many many artist will join their creative minds to create an incredible experience.

This event is organised by Sun’s Creed promo and the official event is here https://www.facebook.com/events/642940889093424/

First time in Ukraine:
– Skizologic (Zion 604 Records) [ISR]
– Green Beats (Nutek Chill Records) [ESP]
– DJ Toxic (Nutek Records) [ESP]

and many more:
– Algae Bloom [UA]
– Manifestor [RU]
– Crystal Vibe (Altar Records) [UA]
– Isotop (Semi-Conductors) [UA]
– Specialmind (Altar Records) [UA]
– Sky Effect (Plexus Records) [UA]
– Tentura (Altar Records) [UA]
– Irukanji (Sentimony Records) [UA]
– Neuronaut Project (NOL)[UA]
– Spinalonga Street (Moranglee Family) [UA]
– Omsun (Moon Koradji Rec) [UA]
– Gagarin Project (Altar Records) [FRA]
– n.Ki (AnyKey Music) [UA]
– Mirra (AnyKey Music) [UA]
– Dub-I (Rastaman) [UA]
– DJ Trollz (Sun’s Creed) [UA]
– Cosmonaut [UA]
– Jet (Sky Gravity) [UA]
– DaBass [UA]
– Double D [UA]
– Hypnosis [UA]
– VooDoo Ray [UA]
– Vattu (Sun’s Creed) [UA]
– Paf Paf [UA]
– Psycoded (Sun’s Creed) [UA]
– Театр Планет [UA]
– AirChoppers [UA]
– Taras Bazeev [UA]
– Hub Graph (Kult) [UA]
– Tima Kalashnikov [UA]

Special Guest Set by
– Diesel [Green Grey]

Fire and Light Show by Antares [UA]
…and more