Gagarin Project – Unconditional Love [GAGARINMIX-41]
recorded live at S.U.N. Festival 2014

Gagarin Project / Intro
Dream Stalker / Just Listen
Brainscapes / Shamans Wood
Kalya Scintilla / Awareness
Gagarin Project / Live Love Create
Desert Dwellers / Snake Charmer (Desert Sands Dub)
Eastern Spirit / Under Water (Part One)
Liquid Stranger / Magenta
Makyo / Shalale
Entheogenic / Infrasensory
Cosmic Replicant / Atomic Sequences [Bonus Track]
Lab’s Cloud / Raining Over The Sun
Cosmic Replicant / Flexible Minds
Cosmic Replicant / Perception of Doors
E-Mantra / Shadow Skies
Lab’s Cloud Feat. Keemiyo / Pascua En Cadalso
Organic Shapes / Tales From The Blue
Ganja Beats / Deep Tranquility (Bonus)
Land Switcher / Deep Signal From a Land
Drumspyder / Caduceus
Kalya Scintilla / Whomp Shanti (Mr Squach remix)
Itom Lab / The Real Og’s
Symbolico / Craziness is part of normality