it is with pleasure i announce you my next GIG in Ukraine, on 30/09/2016 i will play at Forest song open air by Misterika.
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Autumn Magic of Carpathian Mountains invites you to the magical journey, into the world of psychedelic music and fantastic adventures, together with mystical fairy creatures. Forest Mavkas will sing under the crystal clear sound of trance and their songs will open all the hidden incredible beauty of Carpathian forest and the fairy world will become visible and accessible. We invite all of you, who love fairy tales to join a memorable celebration of autumn and create positive adventure into the mysterious country of forest song.


Special guests
DOHM (Forest Freaks / Banyan) LT


Shiva3 – Dj Set
(Another Dimension, Banyan, Space Baby, Biijan, Visionary Shamanics.etc) UA

Alienapia – Dj Set
(Phototropic rec., Ezel Ebed rec., Space Baby rec.) UA

AstroPilot ( Altar Records, Iboga Records) UA / RU

Lacerta – Dj Set
(Forestdelic / Space Baby Rec) RU / UA

Thenaria – Dj Set
(Space baby rec.) UA

klePSYdra project Special Psytech LIVE Set & Dj Set
(Vacuum Tube Sound Records) UA

Manifestor ( JOOF Recordings) UA / RU

SwaRaTrip (Space Baby Rec)- Dj Set
(Space Baby Rec) UA

Frog Prog – Dj Set
(Quantum Digital rec/ Maiia Brasil / Space Baby) UA


Zymosis (Altar / Space baby / Sentimony) UA DjSet

Ethereals (Babylon Escape)UA

Oversky Underground UA Live
Ambient IDM project

Сarpathian Paths (UA)

DJ AghoriBaba aka Rainer Adamson (Misterika Family) FIN Dj Set

Whackywhack (Turkey)

Artrama (Misterika Family) UA / Psy Prog / Psy Chill

Fusionista (Mystic Sound Records, LIVE) UA / RU

Okujah (UA) morning psy / chill / ethnic

Art Alien (Misterika Family) UA

Dj Alice & Ktulhu (Misterika Family,Alien Community) UA

FreemanS, UA , ,

Max Rider [Misterika, Space Baby Records, Urban, Abstract Beats, Горизонталь] UA

Gidra (klePSYdra project) – Dj Set
(Vacuum Tube Sound Records) UA

Shylodelic (Shylodelica Art Promo / Misterika Family) UA

Tata (UA)

Salamandra & Packawan (UA)
(Babylon escape) – Dj Set Lviv

Sizama (UA)

Vadiom (Misterika Family)(UA)

X-Trees (LT) Clocktail Rec