in about a week we will celebrate Winter Soltsice on the online frequencies of radio. Impressive lineup with more then 34 international artists, all of them will prepare their live/dj’s sets for our listening pleasure. Visit the official facebook event to discover the timetable.

facebook event link
radio channel link

updated list of our future events can be found @

Featuring music from:

Akshan (Altar Records)
Allix (Moon Dance, Cymatic Lab)
Astropilot (Altar Records)
Asura (Ultimae Records)
Cquence (Altar Records)
Damian L
Dhamika (Uxmal Records)
DJ Shoom (Suntrip Records, Digitally Imported)
Gagarin Project (Altar Records /
Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records, Peak Records)
Kanc Cover (Soundmute Recordings)
Kick Bong (Cosmicleaf Records)
Kromata (Digital Om, Pulsar SF)
Kukan Dub Lagan (Mikelabella Records)
Labs Cloud (Altar Records)
Lars Leonhard (Ultimae Records)
Liquid Lounge (Shanti Planti, Digitally Imported)
Lorn (Digitally Imported)
Maiia (Altar Records, Ovnimoon Records)
Mixtress Bloodwing (Digitally Imported)
Neo Noir
Psyrius (Uxmal Records)
Salvinorin (Cymatic Lab)
Selector Cleofus (Digitally Imported)
Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records)
Sorian (Mikelabella Records)
Sukhush (Altar Records)
Supercozi (Iboga Records, Cyan Music)
Sygnals (Sonic Loom Records)
Tampered DNA (Soundkraft Records, Digitally Imported)
TerraHertz (Digitally Imported)

More TBA, check back often!