Would like to invite you to a very unique event that is held for the 7th tim in the South France. It is called Ambiosonic as the unison of words “Ambient” and “Sound”. The event is dedicated to the ambient music and there will be no other type of music. We are happy to have the opportunity to be there and represent our vision of ambient music with a slight focus on “psychedelic” sound. You can expect from us at this event a fusion of ethnic world sound carefully adapted for the ambient context of event.

We have been to this event twice already and it is just magic: nature, high quality octo-phonic system, delicious food and positive vibes!
Will be happy to connect with you in the nature !

You can discover more about event in both french and english via official website www.ambiosonic.org and join facebook event.

Ambiosonic 2015 Lineup:

Circular (Norvège)
No Accident in Paradise (Allemagne)
Mixile (Irlande)
Palsembleu (Belgique)
Wavespell (Île de France)
Max Million (Grèce)
Pacific 231 (Irlande)
18ème boudoir (Bretagne)
Pjusk (Norvège)
Terra Nine (Nouvelle Zélande)
Robert Kopec (Île de France)
l’Œil Céleste (Cévènes)
Ujjaya (Île de France)
Lo.Renzo (Italie)
Fotosonix (Rouergue)
Hugo Ficher (Belgique)
Ekaologik (Provence)
Awaké (Dauphiné)
Inner Signal (Bretagne)
ChillinBerlin (Allemagne)
l’Attrapeur de Rêves (Provence)
Vanessa Arketype (Tahiti)
Gargarin Project (Ukraine)
Pheno the Amb (Périgord)
Mønsterhed (Danemark)
Nuage vivant (Goa)
Ecosys (Maures)